Open Gardens 2018 Pictures upload page

Thank you for visiting this page – and if you took any photos as you wandered around our Open Gardens Day on June 17th and would like to share them, do please use the ‘select file’ button and then the ‘Upload file’ button below. (You may find that you have to allow pop-up’s for our website so that you can select picture files from your device). It would be helpful if you can put a few words about the picture in the “Your Message” box – you can stretch it by clicking the lower right corner so you can see and edit your words before you click the “Upload File” button

The idea is to have a web page soon which is a ‘montage’ of visitors’ pictures on the day which will give an ever improving view of everything that happened during the day. Please understand that in uploading images, you confer to us Copyright for use for use them on our website and future promotional material. We will not use photos with childrens’ faces or that makes them easily identifiable. Upload pictures ONLY if you are happy that they can be used on this basis.

Please note that only .JPG files can be uploaded; other formats may follow, please check at intervals. At this stage, there’s not much feedback when you upload files except for a little progress bar; if you care to include an email address you will receive an acknowledgement.

Many thanks!

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