Joyce Haslam Paintings Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery View of Joyce Haslam’s pictures.

If you click on any thumbnail image a much larger, captioned view will appear. To progress to the next image, click the ‘>’ chevron to the right; clicking the ‘<‘ chevron to the left takes you to the previous image. On a touchscreen device, swipe right and swipe left perform the same function.

The pictures are all framed and glazed unless otherwise indicated in the caption. A few of the pictures are not by Joyce Haslam, they were in her collection – these are clearly indicated in the caption. If you decide to bid for a picture, make sure you have noted its Number and Title in the caption and then click the green link in the caption.

Initially, the Gallery view presents the first 24 pictures; to see the rest, click the right arrow at the bottom of the page.

To revert to the Gallery view, simply click the ‘X’ close icon at the top right corner, or press ESC on your keyboard.