Relaxation Class

Elkstone Village Relaxation Classes


Alison is thrilled to be able to offer fortnightly relaxation classes in the Village Hall again, beginning on Friday 25 June 2021.

Whether you are working or retired, independent or with family commitments and responsibilities, these sessions are intended to help you to achieve a sense of wellbeing, allowing you to approach your daily life with a more relaxed, calm mindset.

Stress and anxiety take a toll on all of us, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Very often we live in a state of tension and only realise this when we have the opportunity to truly relax. Living with elevated stress hormones has a cumulative and detrimental effect on our bodies over time. These sessions focus on improving wellbeing through relaxation, visualization and release of stress and anxiety in a gentle and holistic way.

Some sessions include a focus on pain relief and may be beneficial for anyone with chronic pain, either specific or generalised. Many people who experience ongoing pain report a reduction in pain levels through the use of relaxation techniques. General physical fitness is not required for these sessions as they will take place seated, either on chairs or on cushions/mats on the floor.

Please do wear comfortable clothing to the sessions. As the visualisation elements of sessions will entail laying down, please bring a floor cushion and yoga/exercise mat with you. Alison will have a few spare cushions available, as well as yoga mats for anyone who doesn’t have their own. Please also bring a drink in a suitable bottle to sessions as good hydration helps to remove toxins from muscles and tissues into the blood stream and from there out of the body.

“Sessions are held on alternate Fridays starting at 6pm and lasting for one hour. Alison can take advance bookings for sessions, or with the changing of the rules around gatherings, you can drop in to any session starting from the class being held on 23 July. Please contact Alison at to confirm a place (or message on 07857 924343). You can make payment electronically – please ask for details – or at the class. The cost for a session is still £8.00 per person.