Twelfth Night Supper Saturday 7th January 6pm

Please come and support the first evening event in 2023 at Elkstone Village Hall with a centuries-old custom to celebrate Epiphany otherwise known as Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day. The evening will be a Bring and Share Supper for all the family, especially children. Please bring a sharing dish and your own drinks.

Please complete this form if you are coming so that we can prepare the hall;

The 12th day of Christmas has its own unique traditions, and different parts of the world celebrate it in different ways. The Three Kings men travelled for twelve days by following a star in the desert that led them to baby Jesus in a manger. The three kings represented Europe, Arabia, and Africa, and their coming together was symbolic of unity.
We will celebrate with a Galette Des Rois – A 300 Year Old French Tradition
The Galette des Rois is a pastry celebration cake. It translates as ‘Kings’ Cake’ or ‘King’s Tart’. It’s associated with Epiphany and eaten from January 6th onwards.
How do you Serve a Galette Des Rois?
You serve it warm. A crown is part of the tradition and a charm is hidden inside the pastry. These charms are known as fèves and were originally broad beans. Over the centuries they’ve been
replaced with a porcelain or plastic charms.
Who gets the piece of cake with the charm inside? It’s the youngest member of the family that has the honour of deciding who gets which piece of cake. He or she hides under the table so there’s no chance of them spotting the charm when the cake is cut. It’s a pretty random method as there’s a benefit to getting the cake with the charm inside. The recipients gets to wear the paper crown and is named king or queen for the day.