Superfast Broadband In Elkstone

Superfast Broadband has been live for nearly 2 years now, and the ‘teething’ stages are over, so anyone who has not yet enrolled for service can do so with confidence. Connection subscriptions are available at 50, 100, 200 and 1,000 Mbps. This service uses Fibre-to-the-Property technology, and is very reliable.

BT do not provide Superfast speeds through telephone land-lines, expect 4 – 8 Mbps through an ADSL router, depending how far you are from the cabinet which is situated at the north end of the village, just at the top of Bubbs Hill.

If you want to enroll for superfast broadband, simply click The Gigaclear Postcode Checker page. Enter your postcode, and a drop-down list of properties appears – pick your own, and follow the screens and prompts to order your service, set up connection and payment arrangements etc. Note that subscriptions are available from Gigaclear directly, or through a number of different retail providers, whose tariffs may suit your requirements better.

As each connection is activated, an email will be sent to the subscriber using the address provided on the enrollment page.

Below are some FAQ answers to the more common questions arising (just click on the + sign to see the answers) and there’s an online form at the foot of the page so that you can submit further queries and comments.

What are Gigaclear Routers like?

The routers provided by Gigaclear are generally wall-mounted; they provide secure WiFi as well as four regular CAT-5 network ports. They have an external power supply module that must be connected to a 13A mains socket

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Can I extend or boost my Wi-Fi signal around my property?

You can extend or boost your Wi-Fi in your property using a wireless repeater or access point. Depending on the specification, these can be purchased online for around £40 to £80. There are 2 primary types of Wi-Fi extender. A signal booster amplifies and extends the footprint of the existing signal and is generally installed half way between the router and where the devices are needed to be used. The second type is a wireless access point either connected using a LAN cable to the Gigaclear router, or is a power line extender which requires 2 units, one plugged into a mains socket adjacent to the router and connected to the router using a LAN/Ethernet cable, the other unit is plugged into a socket on the same ring main in another room, where the device is needed to be used.

Does IP Telephony such as Vonage work if there is a power cut?

Yes, but it is it is necessary to have your key network components (Router with VOIP phone connected) powered by an uninterruptible power supply or UPS. This is essentially a ‘shoebox’ sized unit containing  a battery that is normally on trickle charge, and when all is normal, devices plugged into it derive their power from the mains. When a power failure occurs, clever circuits within the UPS draw current from the battery, and generate 240 Volts AC to replace the failed supply. The mains change-over is so fast that the connected devices do not glitch at all; when the normal power is restored, the devices are switched back to their normal mains supply.

This approach costs about £120 – 150 to purchase – various makes of UPS are around, just key “Uninterruptible Power Supply” into your preferred search engine, and a variety of models / suppliers shows up. Don’t be tempted to buy long endurance systems costing quite a lot more – the maximum time that Gigaclear’s cabinet(s) can operate (from their UPS’s) is about 4 hours before they shut down; over the past 7-8 years there have been mains shut-off’s in Elkstone, but only one lasting more than  this time.

Is there a choice of IP Telephony Provider?

Yes, there are many, though Gigaclear sponsor Vonage as a marketing collaboration. Again, key IP Telephony into your browser quite a large number of providers’ websites will show up so that you can choose the tariff that suits you best.