Cryptic Crossword – April 2023

Set by Aquarian

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Notes on how to play this puzzle

  1. This puzzle is best played on a PC or Laptop!
  2. The puzzle expects you to type in a word naturally, and like word processor will advance a square each time you enter a letter
  3. When you click on a clue (in the right panel, the corresponding row or column is selected, and the first square of the clue of the row or column is highlighted in yellow
  4. Note that according to whether you are entering an ‘Across’ or ‘Down’ clue, the squares of the you are working on are highlighted in grey
  5. If (say) you are working in a row and wish to be in a column, simply click any non-intersecting square in that column, the grey highlighting will change accordingly, and the yellow square will indicate where to type
  6. You can erase the last character entered by hitting the Backspace key; or click on any individual square to over-write it. There will always be a yellow square where the next character you write will appear; to write elsewhere, simply click the square you want
  7. Note that whatever square you click on the puzzle grid, the corresponding clue (or clues if you are at an intersect) will be highlighted in a red border
  8. There are three function buttons to the left of the grid:
    Reset will clear the whole grid – so if you want to correct a particular letter use Delete or Backspace keys as appropriate
    Check will indicate whether entered letters are correct or not for a maximum  of three times
    Save will allow you to keep your progress so far and return later to carry on. This function may not work if cookies are disallowed on your browser, and you must return using the same device!


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